Android Browser with Extensions: Best Browser with Extensions for Android

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Android Browser with Extensions Support Overview

Web Browser is one of the essential applications in an Android phone to surf the Internet. Every smartphone comes with a built-in Browser of the OEM on their Phone.

If you are using Xiaomi Smartphone, it would have Mi Browser, and likewise, if you are using a Samsung smartphone, it would have a Samsung Browser.

Smartphone Vendor browsers are okay for surfing and downloading any file. But some users would like to add a chrome extension to their smartphone Web Browser.

mobile browsers with extensions

Adding Chrome extensions in Android Web Browser is not allowed, so you can’t install Chrome extensions in a normal browser like the Desktop Web Browser.

Chrome and Firefox are widely popular in the Desktop world. But Android Mobile Web Browsers doesn’t support adding extensions except for Firefox Android Mobile Web Browser with limited extension support.

So here are the Top 5 Android Browsers with Chrome extensions. These are the best Android Browser with extensions support that I will tell you now.

Best Android Browser with Extensions: Android Browser with Extensions Support 2021

best android browsers with extension support 2021

These mobile browsers with Extensions are based on Chromium. The fact you may know is that Chrome rules the Web Browser world. So these are the best Browser with Extensions for Android.

kiwi browser with extensions android
  • 1. Kiwi Browser – Kiwi is one the best Chromium-based Android Web Browser with Extensions Support. Kiwi Browser is a lightweight Web Browser that is also fast and fluid in browser navigation performance speed.

    It has other exclusive features other than extension support that are very useful. Kiwi has Theme Customisation, Toolbar Customisation, Tab Switcher Customisation, Google Services Customisable, and Google Assistant.

    It has Privacy features like other standard Web Browsers, a dedicated browser DNS support, Remove AMP version option, built-in AdBlocker, Developer Tools in Menu, etc.
flow browser with extensionsu pport
  • 2. Flow Browser – Flow is another lightweight Chromium-based Android Browser with Extensions Support. 

    Flow is very similar to Kiwi, except it is a stock like Android Chrome Browser with only extensions that support Ad Blocking Support. Flow Browser is more minimalistic than Kiwi and looks very clean.
optima browser with extension support
  • 3. Optima Browser – Optima Web Browser is a Russian web browser application. It is also a very lightweight Chromium-based Android Browser with Extensions Support and is very similar to Flow Browser in terms of features.

    But it has Google Discover Feed on Homepage and basic Theme Customisation, unlike the Flow Browser.
yandex browser with extension support
  • 4. Yandex Browser ( Protector, Alpha & Beta ) – You may have probably heard of Yandex Search Engine. Well, they have their own Yandex Web Browser as well.

    Yandex Web Browser for Android has more features than the Web Browsers listed above. Yandex is a Russian product, and the Yandex Web Browser is a Chromium-based Android Browser with Extensions Support.

    Yandex Mobile Browser comes with a few incredible features like Subscription in Feed, AdBlocker, E-Book Reader Support, Yandex Message Feature, Smart Camera feature for Image Input Search, Language translation, and QR and Document Scanner.

    It has lots of customization in Browser Settings. Yandex Browser has Power Saving Mode, Adult content filter, voice search, Personal Data Manager (My Data), auto-play video in feed, language translations for image text and videos, store cache data on SD Card, Debugging Web Pages using USB, etc.

    This Yandex Browser is seriously very impressive with its exclusive rich features. It outperforms other Web Browsers in this Web Browser list in terms of features. 

    However, when it comes to Extensions Support, you can only install them from Chrome Web Store. It doesn’t have an option to load extensions from Local Storage.
firefox browser android with extension support
  • 5. Firefox Browser – In this Web Browser list, Firefox is the last Android Mobile Web Browser that supports Extensions. It is not a Chromium Web Browser, so it does not support Chrome Extensions.

    But there are limited Firefox Addon extensions for Firefox Mobile Browser, found in the Add-on section of Firefox.

    You get Extensions like HD YouTube, Search by Image, Tomato, Bitwarden, AdGuard AdBlocker, etc.

Conclusion for Mobile Browsers with Extensions

These are the best Android Browser with Extensions 2021. These mobile browsers with Extensions are very handy for people who like to install Chrome Extensions in their Android Mobile Web Browser.

These were the Top 5 best browsers with Extensions for Android. There are not many Apps like these that support Extensions, so you can try every browser in this Web browser list to choose which is the best for you.

However, there is an Optional Android Browser with Extensions Support. It doesn’t have actual support for extensions like the above but rather a different system.

Optional Android Browser with EXtension Support

samsung browser with extension support android
  • Samsung Browser – Samsung Browser is one of the Android browsers with Extensions Support. But it supports Extensions in a very different way.

    To install the extension in Samsung Browser, you have to install the actual application from Google Play Store, and then you can use it as a Browser extension in Samsung Browser.

    It is odd how Samsung has implemented this method to install extensions in its Web Browser for Android.

Comment down, which is the best Mobile Browser with Extensions that you liked the most from this Web Browser list.

A few common queries that people also search on the web related to Android Browser with Extensions support.

How to add extension in Brave browser Android? – Brave Browser Android Extensions

Brave browser does not support adding extensions or add-ons. There is no official support for adding extensions in Android Brave Browser. But developers are working on it.

How to add extension in chrome in android mobile? – How to enable extension in chrome mobile?

Unfortunately, You cannot add extensions to Chrome Mobile Browser because it does not support Extensions. But You can try above listed Android Browser Apps that support Chrome Extensions.

Does Android EDGE support extensions?

The answer to this question is NO. Android Edge Browser does not support adding extensions.

Does edge mobile have extensions?

Android Edge Browser does not support adding extensions. Therefore, Android Edge Browser does not have an Extensions option.

Does Samsung browser support extensions?

Yes, But it is limited to installing Android Applications from Play Store.

What browser can add extension?

Desktop Browsers can add extensions, But Android Browser does not support it. However, few Android Web Browsers support chrome extensions.

Can extensions be added to mobile browser?

Yes, But only in a few Android Web Browsers like Kiwi.

Can you add Chrome extensions on Android?

Yes, you can add chrome extensions. But only in a few Android Web Browsers like Kiwi.

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