Gcam APK download latest version: Gcam APK for Android 11 & 12

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Introduction To Google camera

how to download google camera or gcam mod

So you need a camera app that enhances the image quality, right? So here are Google Camera Ports and Mods for you or Gcam for short.

With the use of Google Camera, one can get better image quality out of their android phone camera. Because the camera has very good image processing algorithms that balance the lights, sharpness, Dynamic Range, and overall image quality to the reference of how an image should look like in real life.

What is Google Camera? Or What is Gcam Mod?

Google Camera is an Android App just as the name suggests Google’s Camera. Google Camera is a Google Pixel smartphone exclusive camera app made by Google. 

Google once used a dedicated ISP ( Image Signal Processor ) Chip known as the Pixel Visual Core chip for Google’s Pixel devices to enhance the image quality of the photos and achieve high-quality image output.

Later Google decided to get rid of Pixel Visual core chip and rely on Smartphone SoC ( System on Chip ) ISP to achieve the same result as the Pixel Visual Core chip. 

Because Google Camera’s image processing algorithm was impressive and relied on SoC ISP to produce high-quality images, it became popular.

Even when Pixel Visual Core was being used by Google on their smartphone, Google Camera Ports and Mods were available. But it was harder to port and make available for every device.

But after the use of SoC ISP, It was easier to port and make Mods for other devices to benefit from High-Quality image production from their smartphones.

So this is how Google Camera became popular.

What is Google Camera Mod? What is Gcam Mod?

google camera download latest version

Google Camera Mod or Gcam Mod is a modded and ported version of Google Camera to make support for your device.

If you install the original GCam App, it won’t work on your smartphone because Google Camera or Gcam only recognizes Pixel Devices.

But after changing some parameters of the App, it works fine on other devices, and one can benefit from it.

To make work Google Camera on your device, Camera2 API must be enabled in System Build.prop file.

How to Enable Camera2 API?

google camera by google

In older smartphones, you had to enable Camera2 API manually through ADB Command Prompt or by Rooting Device.

But if you have a smartphone that you purchased during 2019 or after, then Camera2 API might be enabled by default in your Android phones.

When Gcam became popular, many users were rooting and enabling Camera2 API using Command Prompt. So OEMs decided to enable it by default, so users can sideload Gcam App and run it.

So, simply install Gcam and enjoy capturing High-Quality images with it.

If you have an older smartphone that doesn’t have Camera2 API enabled by default, you can enable it using Command Prompt or Rooting your Device, and Editing Build.prop System Properties file.

You have to add a line of code into the build.prop file in System. Add this line.


After adding this line into your Build.prop properties file, Save the File and then Reboot your device for changes to take effect.

After that, install Gcam and open it. Now Gcam should run without any issues.

NOTE: Always make a backup of your Build.prop file.

To backup edit and manage your Build.prop file here is an App called Build Prop Editor. It is available to download in Play Store and works only with a Rooted device.

The requirement to use Google Camera Mod.

To use Google Camera, you need to meet certain conditions to work properly on your device.

1. Camera2 API must be enabled on your device before using Gcam.

2. You must have a Qualcomm Snapdragon Chipset Smartphone because Google Camera works best with Qualcomm Snapdragon smartphones. Snapdragon gives developers to develop ports and mods easily. 

Regardless of this requirement, there is some MediaTek device that works GCam but they had to be developed specifically for the specific MediaTek device to work.

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Google Camera not working: Gcam not working in Android.

If you are facing issues with the Gcam file not working on your Android device, make sure that you have Camera2 API enabled on your device. 

How to check if you have already Camera2 API enabled or not, then visit this XDA Link. https://www.xda-developers.com/camera2-api/amp/

If you have Camera2 API available then download the correct and supported Gcam Mod for your device.

Get a Snapdragon Smartphone when you purchase your next smartphone.

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How to download the latest Gcam? And Where to download Gcam latest version of Ports and Mods?

gcam mod download android 11 latest version

To download all Gcam Ports and Mods, you have to visit Gcam Ports and Mods Hub.

Step 1: Type on Google – Celsoazevedo and enter

Step 2: Click on the first link of the Celsoazevedo website. Visit this Celsoazevedo link to make it easier. 

Step 3: Click on the Google Camera Ports by BSG, Arnova, and Others

Step 4: Search Gcam Mod for your device and download it. You can also visit developer links by clicking on ‘All Developers and Modders’ to download their Modded versions and see if it’s compatible with your device or not. E.g. BSG and Arnova.

Is Google Camera Safe?

Yes, Google Camera is safe to use on your Android smartphone.

Is Google Camera harmful?

Like I said before, Google Camera is not harmful and safe to use. With the help of Google Camera, you can capture High-Quality images.

Can I install Google Camera?

Yes, you can install Google Camera, but it won’t work if you are installing from Play Store or APKMirror. 

GCam Mod and Port is the only Gcam version that will work on your device if you have Camera2 API enabled and have a Snapdragon phone.

Is Google Camera App free?

Yes, the Google Camera app is free to use but it’s only exclusive to Google Pixel devices.

You can install the Modded or Ported version of Google Camera to use it on your Android device.

What is the Best Camera App?

No doubt, Google Camera is by far one of the best Camera App Available on the Internet. There are some other Camera2 API Camera Apps like Gcam that also work very well. E.g. Open Camera, etc.

Why is Google Camera so good?

Google Camera is so good because of its image processing algorithms and the use of SoC’s ISP to its full potential.

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