How to add Google Discover to Home screen: Turn On Google Discover

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Add Google Discover News to Left Side Swipe

For you are a Custom ROM users who use Vanilla ROMs, you might not find Google News Feed or Google Discover app on the right swipe on your Home Screen of Android Phone.

Even if you are not a Custom ROM user, you might still want that feature for some reason. So that’s what I will explain to you how you can get Google News Feed or Google Discover in your Home Screen left swipe.

What is Google Discover feed?

what is google discover

Google Discover is a user interest feed curated by Google that delivers articles on Mobile based on users’ google searches history and interest.

In short, It is a highly personalized feed based on users’ interests and googles search terms.

Google Discover shows search terms and interest-based articles to engage users in reading the content and enhances the users’ experience of the person or user.

Unlike Google Discover, Google News is different from each other. Google News feed is more focused on trending topics and quality content.

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Google Discover vs Google News: What is the difference between them?

google discover vs google news waht is the difference

Google Discover feed is more focused on interest and search-based articles, whereas Google News feed is more focused on quality news content and trending stories & topics.

Google Discover enhances users’ experience by showing them their interest-based articles, whereas Google News helps users know the current affairs, local environment, and world events.

Google News is for people who love to keep track of every event around the world. But Google Discover is for everyone to help find what they are searching for and their interest best suits them.

Now let’s talk about how you can enable Google Discover on Homescreen or Add Google discover to Homescreen with a few app settings and tweaks.

So to add Google Discover to the home screen on the left swipe you have to follow some steps that I will tell you through this article.

How to get Google Discover Feed: How to Add Google Discover News to Home screen in Android on left swipe?

how to add google discover to home screen in android

Google Discover is by default enabled by most OEMs in their default launcher. So the main reason is the launcher.

If it doesn’t have Google Discover integration then it’s not possible to get it. Therefore your device must have Google App and a supported launcher for Google Discover Card or Google Discover panel on the left swipe.

If you have a Launcher3 (Google Now Launcher) launcher then it’s an old launcher. So you must have Google Pixel Launcher, Nova Launcher, or Lawnchair Launcher.

Google Pixel Launcher comes enabled by default, and most of the Tech Blogs have mentioned the Nova Launcher method. But I will tell you the Lawnchair launcher method.

Some Samsung users want to enable google feed on swipe left on Samsung. It is also the same process for every device. So you can add Google Discover to the home screen on a Samsung device.

To get Google Discover to feed on left swipe, or Google Discover Feed Panel, then follow the steps below:

Enable Google Discover feed using the Launcher app.

google discover feed

Step 1: Download and install Lawnchair 2 launcher from Google Play Store. You can also get Lawnchair 2 from the APKMirror website.

Step 2: After installing Lawnchair 2 on your phone, Go to System Settings.

Step 3: In System Settings, search or type “Home app” or “default launcher.”

Step 4: After you type “Home app” or “default launcher”, after that, an option will appear to change the default launcher for home. Tap on the Launcher setting in System Settings.

Step 5: Inside Launcher Settings, select the Lawnchair 2 Launcher.

Step 6: Press home on the screen or swipe up from the bottom edge to go to Homescreen.

Step 7: If Lawnchair asks permission for accessibility or ‘Usage Access’, then permit it or go to these locations to enable manually.

System Settings> Accessibility > Lawnchair or System Settings> System > Accessibility > Lawnchair

System Settings > Apps > Special App Access > Usage Access > Lawnchair or System Settings > Apps > Usage Access > Lawnchair

If you cannot find then search in System settings to get these two settings. ( Accessibility) & (Usage Access)

Step 8: After you enable permission settings for Lawnchair 2 launcher, visit this Lawnchair feed download link to enable Google Discover feed in your Android device.

Step 9: After visiting the link, tap on ‘Get Lawnfeed’ to download Lawnfeed for Lawnchair 2 launcher. Then a pop-up download will appear to ask you to confirm the download and its location. Tap on download to download the Lawnchair Feed app.

Step 10: After downloading Lawnchair Feed, install it from your taskbar or Go to File Manager, then download and install the Lawnchair APK file.

Step 11: After that, tap and hold on to any area of your Homescreen to bring up Lawnchair Menu. Then tap on ‘Home Settings’ to enable Google Discover feed on Home screen.

Step 12: Inside settings of Lawnchair 2, you should see an option named ‘Plugins’. Tap on it, and inside “Plugins”, tap on ‘Display Google App’ at the bottom of Plugin Settings.

Now you have successfully enabled the Google Discover feed panel in Android.

If you are still not seeing anything, make sure that you have enabled the Google Discover card in Google App Settings. If not, then follow the procedure below.

Turn ON Google Discover: Google Discover Settings – Google Discover feed not working.

turn on google discover feed in android

To turn on Google Discover feed in Google App, you have to have Google App.

Step 1: Download Google App from Play Store or APKMirror website if you don’t have already. Then install it from File Manager.

Step 2: After Installing Google App, Open it.

Step 3: Inside Google App, tap on Google Account or profile icon in the top right corner.

Step 4: From the Google Account Menu, tap on ‘Settings’.

Step 5: Inside Google App Settings, Tap on ‘General’.

Step 6: On the third number, you should see the Discover Option switch toggle. Tap on it to enable Google Discover Feed on Homescreen of Android.

Step 7: Press the Home button or swipe up from the bottom edge to go to Homescreen.

Step 8: Now swipe left on the Homescreen to check if Google Discover Feeds appears.

Finally, you have successfully turned on the Google Discover feed on your Android device.

NOTE: If your default launcher already supports Google Discover News Feed, then no need to install any external launcher. Simply, enable the Google Discover feed from Google App Settings.

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Google Discover App Download: Google Discover APK

google discover app download

If you think Google Discover Feed Card is an app, then it’s not. Google Discover Feed Card or Panel is not an Android App.

However, it was once an app when it was newly released, but then later it was integrated with Google App.

So you cannot download Google Discover App from Play Store or download Google Discover APK from any other Website. It’s completely integrated into Google App.

There is an Xposed Module that can Modify your Google Discover Card. It can add more than just a Google Discover feed.

You can Add, Google Assistant, Weather, Feed, etc. At the same time. The Xposed Module is called Discover Killer. I will make a separate article on this topic.

Now, if you have been struggling to turn off the Google Discover feed from your Android device, then let’s get into the procedure of how to do it.

How to turn off Google Discover on Android?: Turn Off Google Discover Feed.

how to turn off google discover feed in android

To turn off Google Discover on Android or disable Google Discover on Android phone, then follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Google Discover Feed Card or Panel your Android phone.

Step 2: Tap on the Account Profile or icon to bring Google Account Menu options.

Step 3: Then tap on Settings from the drop-down Google Account Menu option.

Step 4: Inside Settings of Google App, Tap on General.

Step 5: Inside the General of Google App, tap on the Discover Toggle switch to disable Google Discover Feed in your device.

Step 6: Now go to the home screen and check if Google Discover Feed still appears. If not, then you have successfully turned off the Google Discover feed Card in your Android phone.

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Google Discover on Chrome: Turn Off Google Discover in Chrome

If you are wondering how to turn off Google Discover in Chrome mobile, Then it’s simple.

Open Google Chrome Mobile App, and on the homepage, you should see Discover. Tap on the Settings icon of Discover Feed. Then from the Settings menu, tap on it “turn off”.

You have successfully disabled the Discover feed on Chrome Mobile.

How do I get Discover News on Google?

I have mentioned how to enable the Google Discover feed from the Google App in the above steps. You can follow the steps to enable Google Discover News on Google, as well as on the Home screen.

Why has Google Discover Stopped Working?

Google Discover has not stopped working, but it has merged with the Google Application. You can get Google Discover Feed on Google App.

What is the difference between Google News And Discover?

The difference between Google News and Discover is that Google Discover shows articles based on the user’s interest and Search term, whereas, Google News shows articles based on Trending topics and World events.

What is Discover in Google Settings?

Discover is a personalized feed curated by Google. You can enable Google Discover News Feed in Google Settings.

Where is my Google Feed?

You can find your Google Feed on Google Discover Feed inside Google App or get Google News from Google News Android App.

Why is Google News different?

Google Discover is different because it shows you the topics based on your interests and searches terms that enhance user experience.

How do I enable Google Feed?

You can enable Google feed from Google App settings under General and then Discover Toggle switch.

Where is my Google Discover feed?

Your Discover feed is inside Google App and Discover section. If you cannot find Discover feed, you can follow the process above to turn it on from Google App settings under General settings.

What is my Discover feed?

Discover feed is a user’s personalized feed based on the interest and search term.

Why is Google Feed not working?

Google Feed might not be working because you may have disabled it by mistake, or you need to update the Google App from Play Store. To enable Google Feed to follow the process above.

How do I enable Discover on Google Apps?

You can enable Discover on Google App from Settings under General settings.

How do I turn on Discover in Chrome?

You can turn on Discover in Chrome from the homepage. You should see a Discover feed setting on the homepage of your Chrome tab. Tap on the Discover Settings and then turn it on.

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