How To Check ARM Version on Android: Check Device Architecture in Android

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How To Check Device Architecture on Android?

how to check arm version android - how do i find my device architecture android

To check device information you need to download a device info app from the Google Play Store. You can also use an alternative to Google Play Store to download HW info or Device Info APK.

What is ARMEABI v7a?

Different Android devices use different CPUs, which in turn support different instruction sets. Each combination of CPU and instruction set has its own Application Binary Interface (ABI).

In simple terms, ABI helps determine if an application is compatible with Processor Instructions Sets. ARM is a SOC ( System on Chip ) in Android Smartphones to run Android phones.

The armeabi v7a means the SOC or the processor supports v7a ABI instructions to run a certain application.

What is ARM64 v8a in Android?

As I told you, ARM is a SOC processor in Android Phones to run the smartphone. The ABI helps determine which type of Application is compatible or suitable for the Android smartphone.

The ARM64 v8a means, it supports 64Bit instructions sets instead of 32Bit armeabi v7a.

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How to check ARM Version on Android: Is my device ARM or x86? – How do I find my Android device architecture?

how to check device architecture on android - is my device arm or x86

To find out the device information or devices’ ARM Architecture, whether it’s ARM or x86 CPU. For that, you would need an App to know the correct Hardware information about your device. Let’s find out if your device is ARM or x86.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store or Open Chrome Browser or any Web Browser if your Play Store is not working.

Step 2: If your Google Play Store is working fine, then Search for Device Info HW or Device info: System & CPU Info. Both the Apps are very Good for checking Device information. Install whichever you like.

If your Google Play Store is not working, Download Device Info HW or Device Info: System & CPU info from APKMirror.

Step 3: After installing these Apps, Open them.

Step 4: After Opening Device Info HW or Device Info: System & CPU info, Navigate to SOC section or CPU Section, respectively.

Step 5: In Device Info HW, look for ABI in the SOC section, and in Device Info: System & CPU info, look for Supported ABIs in CPU Section.

Now you know what architecture does your device uses. Now you can download Apps or APKs outside of Google Play Store according to your supported device architecture.

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How to check armeabi-v7a?

To check ABI (Android Binary Interface) in Android, you would need the help of an Android App that shows Device information.

I have mentioned two Device Information Checking Apps for Android that can help you know the architecture or ARM ABI in Android or ARM Architecture in Android.

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