Rich Link Previews to WhatsApp Status Updates coming soon in 2022

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WhatsApp is working to bring rich link previews to status updates

Introduction to Link Previews in WhatsApp or any Social Media Apps.

We have all known popular WhatsApp IM (Instant Messaging) Applications. It’s an Instant Messaging App for users.

Users can chat, call and update their status as well. It’s a freemium complete Instant Messaging App that is very easy to use.

Now, what is Link Preview? You may or may not have heard this term before. But I will clarify it here. 

What are Link Previews on Social Media Apps?

what is link preview

Link Previews on Social Media Apps are the Preview of links of Images/Pages on Websites and Videos on Streaming Platforms.

When a user pastes a link on status or chats messaging. The link shows a preview of the website, images, videos, etc. on the social media apps and displays information about the link.

It shows the link address, homepage address, Title, Description, and featured image in the Preview Link.

Link Previews are available on all social media websites and other websites as well.

But what is Rich Link Preview?

Rich Link Preview has to do only with WhatsApp Messenger. Rich Link Preview and Link Preview are the same. So why do Rich Link Preview tags along with WhatsApp only?

whatsapp rich link preview

Here is an example. Take a look at the picture above. In the above picture, you can see how the link Preview looks before. The link preview is the link itself.

To preview the link, you had to tap on the status updates link and then follow along. You cannot know if you can trust this link or not. 

But look at the right side of the above picture. It seems to be a link preview card that shows the details about the link.

Before, it was an extra step to view the Link Preview. Now the extra step is not necessary because WhatsApp will now support a direct link preview, Which is a Rich Link Preview.

whatsapp rich link preview for status

Talking about WhatsApp, it’s rolling out another feature called ‘silently exit groups’.

Silently Exit Groups on WhatsApp

Previously users who have joined WhatsApp groups decided to leave the group conversation then WhatsApp notifies other Group users that a user a left the Group conversation.

Afterward, Group Admin rejoins the same user who left from Group chat conversation to make him or her stay in the Group. Despite not wanting to be in the group conversation.

But with WhatsApp Silently Exit Group feature will allow the user to leave any Group Chats or Group conversations without notifying the admin or any of the Group members.

It is a handy feature if any user doesn’t want to be in the Group conversation. They can silently exit the group without others in the group noticing it.

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